by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

“He calls me “rough around the edges”
Claims it’s a compliment
But says he prefers his women soft
I’ve got too much mileage on me,
I’ve pounded too much pavement,
Healed too many of my own scars
And he wants someone who would depend on him
I wish I could tell him I used to be that girl
But those words seem so far out of reach
Like fairytales
I once laid my head on someone’s shoulder
Who promised me everything but tomorrows
I let myself go on a blind ride
Ended up blindsided by a lustful love…a loveless lust
And an ear that only listened when it was convenient
Now I hold my own
Swallow tears instead of pride
But he says he wants someone he can take care of
But I’m the kind that destroys anything I get my hands on
So this thing is faulty from the start
And though he’s a healer and I’m looking to heal
His medicine seems to poison my independence”