Lost and Found

by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

remember how the last one left, the first time he said you weren’t enough you were speaking into a pay phone at camps bay. there were already holes then, your heart wasting away to lovers that had no intention of keeping and as you walked through the apartment door you slumped onto the floor. your bones melted into the sorrow of it all, your breath became burial ground. how quickly the body falls into prayer. the second time he was meant to say it he was too afraid to but you could feel the lies weighing in on the room. it was the first time you saw him cry and he howled into your chest like you were a sacrifice in waiting. time held at the way you made love that night. the third time you dug it out of him, you were brave and ready and take the box was already playing and you were  a heap in the bed he should have been sleeping in last night. but it was the way he never realised you left the bar and the length of the train journey home alone, you were a fever and morning made it easier like cold skin to offer nothing but leaving. he walked in a way that has left you difficult, and now you are an undeserving moment men will always make feast on, sinking their teeth into the best of you until there is nothing left. 

– inbetweenlove.tumblr.com