by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

Black Roses

She wants a strong man, but more importantly she needs one who will be hands-on while building a home. She doesn’t want to be alone in the house so she prays for a companion. In accord he should feel blessed under the union, and not oppressed by anything. He shouldn’t live by any code other than marriage.  A woman wants a man who will encourage her when she is down. When she is depressed, he will pick her up, lift her spirits up because he knows that she is an empress. It’s true that sometimes she is a mess, but she still prays for a good man.

She wants a friend, but more importantly she needs one who will lend her some empathy. She will be looking for a listening heart when she is hurt. She wants a friend whose dreams keep dancing close to hers. A friendship that is…

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