by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

Bridgy, Pali and Omphile

Omphile, how is little school going? Hope you are being a good girl, soon you will start real school and all those nap times will be gone. Cherish those little moments, don’t rush to be grown because there’s absolutely nothing nice about it, believe me. Have tea parties with your little friends, play dress up and plait your little dolls’ hair. Learn to read and take up a sport the minute you start school. Learn to stand up for yourself against those playground bullies, it will help you further on in Life. You are the brightest little girl I know, Never change, trying to be someone else will just be a big waste of the awesome little girl you are.

Pali, If I am not mistaken, you just started high school this year. Its quite different from primary, isn’t it? You are going to make atleast five new friends throughout your highschool career, choose wisely. Work really hard at your studies, your grades will determine what you are going to study one day and the job you will have and basically the life you are going to live. I know it is really uncool to not have a boyfriend in highschool, but believe me, you don’t need one, make a couple of guy friends and you’ll see what I mean when I say you don’t need a boyfriend. You are at a critical age, listen to your parents, they know what is right for you, believe me. Get to know God, learn to read your bible everday before you sleep, you will carry it out well into your life. You are such a beautiful young girl, don’t give in to peer pressure and never try to fit in, always stand out, because you are pretty like that.

Bridgy, you have always been like a sister to me, knocked sense into me when I started losing my head. Don’t know what I would have done without you throughout those teenage years. You were the one who approved the guys I wanted to date, you’d say no to some and I really wouldn’t understand why, but you knew better. I have watched you grow into a beautiful young lady throughout the years, You will always be my sister and my friend. It feels awkward giving you advice but something I have learnt about life is that God makes everything possible, make him your fortress and you will never go wrong. I pray that he calms your fears and fulfills all your dreams.

I love you