by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

Hello my Babies 🙂 *pecks on each of your cheeks*

Mommy wants to tell you a little something, I will support you in all you do, and I will ALWAYS be there for you. Life is hard and it is important to find yourselves at a tender age, build up a strong set of values and make good choices. You will make and lose friends right throughout your life, be careful, not all of them will be happy for you or support you, some will come as well disguised enemies, waiting for your downfall. Trust No one.

For your information, you WILL grow up in the church, you WILL serve God right throughout your lives, and you WILL be an extension of God in the world. I’ll advice you to take up sport from a young age, you will reap the rewards later on in life, owh yah and learn to play at least one instrument.

And remember, No matter how big and tall you grow, you will ALWAYS be my babies!!