by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

Hey there 🙂

Look at you, a beautiful young Lady. Its just yesterday that you started high school and now here you are, in varsity. I am Proud of you, I really am. Varsity is completely different from high school, I am sure you have noticed by now. You are going to have the best time of your life here, you are going to meet so many different people, some you will learn a lot from and some, not so much. It is very important to stay true to yourself and your values and to work hard.

Hold on to that guy you have in your life right now, after two years you will realise that he was your one true love. You are going to meet a lot of guys, not all of them are douches, but some are, be careful. Protect your heart, Never give it away. You will go through so many stages, promise me one thing, promise me you will never change, that you won’t let anyone take away your sweet smile and your shyness, your kind heart and your calmness.

Make God the centre of your life and you will never go wrong.

I Love You