That guy though

by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

Everything about him drew me to him, he was older, from another country, studied what I couldn’t.

He was disciplined and possessed an undescribable charm. I let him enter my world, a place where only a few people had access to, I let my guard down and gave this stranger the benefit of the doubt. He wasn’t perfect, not even close, but I admired his character, his perseverence and diligence, I knew I could learn a lot from him. But like any other guy I had seen and heard of, he had his own plans with my life. He knew what he wanted, he came in, took it and left.

Sometimes I ask myself how I could have been so stupid, why I had let him use me like that. But I guess when you are desperate, the truth can stare you in the face and you will still not see it. Yes, I admit that i was desperate, desperate to live out the little fairytale I had spent countless hours crafting, sculpturing and moulding. I have always wanted my life to unfold at MY rate, to involve the kind of people that possessed the same passion, assertiveness and diligence such as his. I guess I was hoping for a lifetime with him, when in actual fact, I could only have a moment.