I could onLy have a moment

by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

My heart did a million repetitive somersaults, maybe it was from suprise, hadn’t expected to see him there, maybe its because I hadn’t seen him in a long time. He smiled and just walked past, for that moment, time froze, the people faded into the background and I stood there starring at him, with butterflies flooding into my tummy and my heart beating at a million beats a second.

Can’t help but ask myself this question..But what if what I once felt is still there? I think my head and my heart have both decided to close their doors to him. If he had wanted to be a part of my life, he would have made an effort to be in it. But then why do I always find myself justifying his actions? Making excuses for him. Thinking of all the things we could have done together. Hoping we can still be together?

One thing that I am certain of right now is the fact that I like him, I really do. And maybe in another place and another time, we can be together, but just not now. ..in actual fact, I could only have a moment.