by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

If for an instant, God gave me one more piece of life, I would take advantage of that time the best I could.

I would probably not say all I think, but definitely think all I say.

I would value things less for what they are, than for what they represent.

I would sleep less and dream more.

I would prove to men how wrong they are to think that they stop falling in love as they get older, since they actually start getting older as soon as they stop falling in love.

I would give wings to children, but I would leave the child alone so that he could learn to fly on his own.

To the old, I would show them that death comes not with the aging process, but with forgetting,

So many things I have learned – that everybody wants to live at the top of the mountain, forgetting that how we climb is all that matters.

I have learned that when a newborn grips his father’s thumb, he takes a hold on him forever.

I have learned that a man has the right to look down on someone only when he is helping him up.

If I knew that today would be the last time I would see you, I would embrace you strongly, to be the guardian of your soul. I would say to you that I love you, and not assume that you would know it.

Isobel Stewart