A letter I wrote him..

by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

Don’t know what Imma call you, Baby, Babe, Love, Nana or Puncu. I like Nana though, it is soo nunus hahaha LoL, I should really stop these ‘LoLs’ and ‘hahahas’, this is supposed to be a Love letter, K sorry babe.

Well, Yesterday I started praying for you, I told God that I know that you are out there and that he knows you by name, I asked him to keep you safe for me. I hope you like me and that we really hit if off (^*,). I hope you laugh just as much as I do and most importantly, I hope you Love taking naps just as much as I do, all day EVERYDAY, every chance we get.

I know that you work hard at what you do, I asked God to make you like that, For me (^^,)

I really can’t believe that you are out there hey, My other haLf šŸ™‚ Ncaaaw, Imma Love you like crazy my baby. I want you to be the guy I marry, raise kids with, and grow old with. I want to make you happy, make memories with you, Please be my other haLf, compliment me.

I will wait patiently for you, and Pray for you and us, and our future. I know that you are out there šŸ™‚ my very own.

And hey,

I Love You aLready