Does “Practice” Really Make Perfect?

by OctoberTheThirtyFourth

So… Allegedly Drake just released his “official” video for his song, “Practice,” off of his sophomore album, Take Care. I honestly thought it was one of those fan videos with a very good sound quality of the song playing in the background, but then just as you thought the ass-shaking was over, Drizzy strolls in and tackles the girl onto her bed. What happens next is unfortunately left to the viewer’s imagination… And the song ends anyways.

Now, I am NEVER one to bash on my man Aubrey (his real name for all you non-fans out there), and I don’t even consider this post a negative one whatsoever. I’m simply trying to find the deeper meaning of this video. Maybe Drake’s sick of paying a bagillion dollars for video production and asked one of his best friends to dance in front of a mirror for him…

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